Stump and Root Removal

Horton's Tree Service offers Stump and Root removal almost all year round. Horton's experience stump grinders can handle any size stump or root. Whether you need a small stump removed, or your entire front yard of roots ground out Horton's Tree Service can take care of your stump removal needs.


When the tree removal crew finishes the tree, the stump grinding crew is notified. They will usually come out later that day or the following work day to remove the stump(s).


The mulch, dirt, and woodchips created by grinding out a stump are usually left on site unless the customer specifically requests them removed beforehand. If you do want the removal of the “stump grindings” Horton's Tree Service will come back within a specified time period that is appropriate. Horton’s Tree Service can provide this service at an additional service charge; the price will vary according to the size and location of the stump.


Note: Unless clearly marked, Horton’s Tree Service is not responsible for any underground irrigation or utilities including but not limited to; gas, electric, or cable lines.


If you think there may be underground untilities or wires of any kind please let us know immediately, also you can call MISS-Dig for further assistance (800) 482-7171 or visit them at