Emergency Storm Work

Horton's Tree Service offers emergency storm work all year round. The crew is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to safety and procedures for removal of difficult or hazardous storm damaged trees.


Since 1980 Horton's Tree Service has been safely removing storm damaged trees off of roofs, decks, homes, cars, and fences. Whether you have a few limbs in your yard or you have a 80 foot tree on your house, you can expect Horton's crew to safely, and quickly remove it. We understand the chaos and panic you feel after a storm has damage your property and we are here to help you through it.


If you have storm damaged and need to speak with someone immediately then please call our office at (734) 422-1634 or you can reach one of our staff members at (248) 632-2208.


Some of this damage can be avoided with regular trimming and maintenance of your trees. Please call Horton's Tree Service at (734) 422-1634 for a free estimate and we can help keep your personal property safe from storms.


These are just a few examples of storm damage work we have done in the past.